4 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Every Sunday

Every Sunday for a while now, Michael and I have asked each other these four questions. They help us to connect, support one another and of course, communicate! 

We started by sitting next to one another, reading the questions one by one and taking turns answering. But over the years we've tweaked the questions, and now they just naturally occur in conversation before the week begins. Even if you've been with your spouse for ages, you'll be surprised what comes up! 

Here are four questions to ask your spouse every Sunday:

1. What's coming up this week? 

Get the run down on your spouse's schedule. This one is easy and you probably do it anyway, because you live together! But you can show your partner you care by asking specifics. For example, Michael always asks what lessons I have planned for the kids at school, and I ask what the surf forecast looks like. 

2. How can I help you out? 

Find out what you can do to support your partner throughout the week. Is there a day that's busier or more difficult than others? What can you do to make it a little easier? And don't be afraid to ask for help either. Your spouse is not a mind reader! Give each other a break and say exactly what you need! 

3. How can I pray for you? 

Yes, it's important to know your spouse's schedule and how you can help them out, but marriage is more than that! Pray for your spouse everyday, and find out what your spouse's spiritual needs are for that week. How can you support your partner's walk? Sometimes the answer is short and sweet, sometimes it takes a little while to explain, but openly communicating each other's spiritual needs and fueling your daily prayer for one another is powerful. 

4. What do you want to do for date night? 

Maybe you take turns planning date night, or you have the same date planned every week. But still take the time to talk about it and get excited about spending time together! It also helps to commit to a day before the week begins, so that other plans don't get in the way. Out of date ideas...Pinterest. : )


So put down your phone, face your honey and try out these questions! 

With Love,