The Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

I love to bullet journal!! Each month I create a two page monthly spread, 4-5 weekly spreads, a budget spread and my favorite: a Habit Tracker!  

What's a habit tracker? It's a grid for each month with the dates written in across the top, and the habits on the side. Each day, you check off all of the tasks you've finished. When those tasks are consistently completed, they become a well practiced habit! 


Since it takes some time to draw out the habit tracker, I created a free printable Habit Tracker for YOU! Click on the link below! 



Here are some tips for getting started: 


1. Choose 5-10 habits to track.

Write in habits you already practice and add just a few new habits. Make sure the new habits are all reasonable and within reach. 


2. Keep your habit tracker in one place with a pen. 

Make sure it's a place you sit or pass everyday- on the refrigerator, at your desk, in your daily planner, etc. Check it off once a day.


3. Balance is key. 

The goal is not to have a perfectly filled in habit tracker with every single task checked off for the whole month. The habit tracker is a tool to help you build and practice habits for a balanced, healthy life. There will be days that you can't get to everything, and that's okay! Avoid judging those blank boxes and get ready for the next day!


4. Know your "Why's"

I've included a space to write 3 goals, and a place to write why you chose that goal. This will most likely correlate with your new habits. I like to write in one mental goal, one spiritual goal and one physical goal. 


5. Make it your own

Add in an inspirational quote. Use your favorite colors or symbols to fill in the boxes. And if you're brave, post it or shoot me an email!! I would LOVE to see how the habit tracker has worked for you!


With Love,