How to Create a Calm Morning Ritual

Are you a morning person? We always ask others this question when really, most of us don't have a choice! We have to wake up early. Honestly, my answer has always been a strong "No." Then I got a job that starts early in the morning. Not only starts in the morning, but asks me to be fully present and ready for 20 excited little ones. I had to honor my body and change my habits, so that I could be ready for the day ahead. My goal was to create a morning ritual that is a slow, positive start to my day.

Here are my four steps to a calm morning ritual:



As soon as your eyes open, name five things you're thankful for. You are awake, breathing, healthy, in a warm bed and so so loved. Use these few moments to quickly name these or other blessings and smile.

Morning sips

Turmeric latte, warm water, apple cider vinegar, coffee, tea, whatever bevvy you like to start your day with, enjoy it after a tall glass of water. I enjoy a cup of coffee, made with honey by my honey, sipped at sunrise. He’s the best.


Use this time to chat with God about your day coming up, knowing his mercies are made new each morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). Meditate on God's word and listen. Keep it simple. Sometimes Michael and I read a passage together or do this on our own time. It's the perfect way to feel grounded before you consider tasks to be done that day. 


I have to be up at least 45 minutes before I’m ready for food, and I usually eat the same thing every single day. Right now it’s two eggs. In 7th grade it was cheese toast. Literally. Every. Single. Day! Whatever my breaky is that day (or year) it’s got to be easy or I’ll get lazy and skip it-not ideal. 

Now I can get ready for work and go see my 20 darlings at school! 


**Special Note: Using your phone in the morning

It’s a lovely alarm clock, and when living abroad, it’s nice to text family in the morning before the workday begins. Unfortunately it’s easy to find yourself scrolling through social media apps that have our brains buzzing on news that’s not always positive. If you do love scrolling through apps first thing, try this:

Tomorrow morning before you pick up your phone, check in with a quick mindful body scan. Try it again after you’ve checked your apps and see if you notice any changes in your thoughts, emotions and physical body. Reflect. Then change or keep your current phone habit.


And shout out to all the mommas out there who are rocking their mornings in a different way : ) You're amazing! 

This is my calm, positive morning ritual that happens most mornings. How do you like to start your day?

With love,