Capsule Wardrobe 101

A year and a half ago, my lovely and stylish friend, who gives great advice, introduced me to an idea that changed the way I think about clothes! Capsule Wardrobe!

After a morning of sorting through my closet with my friend (I felt like Carrie Bradshaw), and setting up a Pinterest account, I dove head first into designing my first capsule wardrobe and have kept one ever since. Soooo what is it??

The term "capsule wardrobe" was originally used to describe a tiny wardrobe with high quality pieces that never go out of fashion. The concept has changed. Now we use capsule wardrobe to describe a person’s wardrobe containing a limited number of pieces for a given season.


Here are the five basic rules for a capsule wardrobe:


1. Capsule wardrobes only have 25-35 pieces:

Your closet will only contain a small-ish number of pieces.

This includes:

  • tops

  • bottoms

  • dresses

  • outerwear

  • shoes

  • bags

Don't worry. Pajamas, workout gear, undergarments, and jewelry are usually not included in your capsule.


2. Capsules wardrobes are worn for 3 months:

The items in your capsule will stay the same for one season. Back home this is usually 3 months: fall, winter, spring and summer. Even if the weather doesn’t change, I find 3 months to be the perfect amount of time. Of course this doesn't mean every item will change in your wardrobe after 3 months. A lot of your basic pieces will roll over to the next season.


3. Every piece in a capsule wardrobe matches:

Yes you read that right! You should be able to grab any two items from your capsule and find they look great together. This is one of the reasons I love having a capsule wardrobe! Getting dressed in the morning is easy.


4. Quality over quantity:

The goal is to buy less, shop less, and when you do shop, spend the money on higher quality pieces that will last. It's choosing one nice timeless piece over five cheap trendy pieces.


5. Only shop between seasons:

You'll shop when you are designing the next season's capsule, but that's it. Usually this is done two weeks before you change over your capsule. This saves you from eyeing every sales racks, impulse buys and overspending.


Okay so that's the basic idea - 30 or so items for 3 months that all coordinate. If you're ready to start designing a capsule for next season, answer these four essential questions to get you ready for your capsule.

Have you designed a capsule wardrobe before? Did you use the same basic rules? Leave a comment! : )

With love,