How to Start a Love-Note Journal

Sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee, my dear friend and I carried on like it was yesterday (instead of a whole year), chatting about our jobs, families, relationships, and most importantly her upcoming wedding! And as usual over these chats, we shared advice. This summer she taught me all about the love-note journal.

My friend told me how she and her now husband always left each other notes in the morning. They were on different work schedules and it was a cute way to stay connected. To keep it simple, they switched to a journal. Whether it was a long note of devotion or a cute little word, the journal became an important part of their relationship.

It sounded so lovely, I thought, “We’ve got to try this!” We usually don’t write letters or notes, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. Turns out we both loved it! Here’s how we started our love journal:


1.  Get a journal and pen.

Obvious, I know. We like to reuse, so I grabbed an old journal from school that works and a pen. We always keep the two together, so we never have to hunt down something to write with. 


2.  Decide where you’re going to keep it.

We like to leave our journal on each other’s night stand after we write a note. Maybe you want to hide it so your husband will find it (in the kitchen cabinet, your honey’s briefcase, under his pillow, etc. )


3.  Talk about how often you want to write in it.

Be clear about your expectations so there is no disappointment! Don’t expect your husband to read your mind. ; ) We decided to write once a week. Some like to write daily, maybe you want it to be random and authentic. Just make sure you communicate!


4.  Start writing!

Make it your own. You can keep it simple: “Have a good day.” Or you can bare your soul with an intense love letter. Write a moving poem or draw a picture of a nerdy inside joke. Write why you are grateful for your husband, give a compliment or write what you’re looking forward to sharing with him.


Honestly my favorite part of having a love-note journal is seeing it pop up on my nightstand before I get ready for work in the morning. It’s the best.

Do you and your husband do something similar? Leave a comment!

With Love,