4 Questions to Kickstart Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are trending now with basic timeless pieces and stylish combinations with a minimalist approach. If you're not sure what it is, heck out Capsule Wardrobe 101

Once you've decided you want to make a capsule, you'll need to define your style and colors, decide what season you're designing for and look at how your lifestyle will shape your wardrobe. 


These four questions set the foundation for your capsule:


What's your style?

Make a style board on Pinterest. Find an outfit you like, pin it and then scroll down to see similar outfits. Keep pinning! The more you pin, the clearer your style becomes. I started out with one large style board and then slowly edited it to outfits I would love to wear. 


What's your color?

Make a color palette. What colors go well with your skin tone, hair color and eye color? Which ones are you attracted to? Once you know, you can start your color palette. I prefer 3 neutrals and 2 coordinating "pop" colors that are appropriate for the season. Again I used Pinterest to help find my color palette by pinning on my style board.

What's your lifestyle?

Make a pie chart. Think about how much time you spend at work, at the house, on outings, running errands, etc. I was surprised to find I spend almost 70% of my time at work and 30% at the beach or very casual places where sandy feet are acceptable! 


What's the season?

Think about the weather and temperature of the season. Also think about what the temperature is like where you spend most of your time. For example, you may need sweaters in your summer capsule because of the workplace's AC. My capsule reflects hot beachy weekends and a workplace with a "tropical professional" dress code.


Answering these four questions should give you a clear idea of what your capsule will look like. Now you're ready to learn How to Edit Your Wardrobe.

With Love,