5 Reasons I Love My Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes have changed the way I think about clothes and shopping. Although I like to pretend I'm an expert, the real expert is my dad who always told us to stop buying 10 cheap pairs of jeans and get ONE great pair. Okay Dad, I finally listened! 

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Here are five reasons I love my capsule wardrobe:


1. My shopping habits are mindful.

Before having a capsule wardrobe, shopping meant going to inexpensive stores and buying cheap trendy clothes. I would look at a sales rack for a “deal” and then rack my brain to see if it would match anything in my closet. 

Capsule wardrobes = goodbye impulse buys! Now I only shop once every three months! It's for specific items I picked out beforehand. Of course shopping for one item can be frustrating. 

But when I do find the item, I always ask myself:

  1. Does it fit right now?

  2. Is it flattering in fit and color?

  3. Are the fabric and construction good quality?

If you can answer yes to all three, you can buy that item with zero guilt or second guessing.


2. I always have something to wear.

How many times have you stood in front of a full closet and blown your husband’s mind by exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!” We’ve all been there, but let me tell you, capsule wardrobes eliminate that feeling! I always have something to wear that is flattering and comfortable.


3. Bringing "old" clothes back feels like Christmas!

When I edit my closet, I put clothes that don’t make the cut in my dresser. These are pieces that tick all the boxes, but don’t match other pieces in my capsule. When I change out my wardrobe and go through that drawer, it's like Christmas! I forgot about that awesome sweater and now I get to wear it for 3 months! 


4. Packing for a trip is easy.

Everything matches already, so packing is a breeze. If we're going home for a month, I just throw my whole capsule in my suitcase! Otherwise, it's way easier to pack light because the pieces already coordinate.


5. I own less. 

Do we need drawers, closets, bins and boxes full of clothes? I don't think so. And while I wouldn't call myself a minimalist, I do aim to own less. This is great way to start. 


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With Love,