7 Tips for Traveling With Your Spouse

I love to travel. I especially love to travel with my husband. He is a great travel companion, and we have always have fun together exploring new places or going back to places we love. Whether it’s a weekend getaway not far from home or a big backpacking adventure, you will have a great time together....well...most of the time! ; )

On our most recent trip, Michael and I noted things we’ve learned since we started traveling together.


Here are 7 tips for traveling with your spouse:


1. Always carry snacks and water

Being hangry (hungry + angry) is a very real and terrible condition! Even the most patient spouse can be thrown into a spin because of an empty stomach. Add to that travel hitches like getting lost or a bus ride taking twice as long as it should, and you’ll end up bickering for no reason. Suddenly the joy is taken from the situation all because one of you blew past peckish and became hangry!


2. Know your systems

Who packs the car? Who carries the passports? Everyone has systems when they travel and it makes those busy moments much easier. For example, I know as soon as our boarding passes are scanned, I can hand Michael my passport and he will put them in the same spot every time. Easy. No fuss.


3. Take care of things before your spouse asks for help

Your to-do list is longer when you’re living out of a suitcase. Be proactive and help your partner before it’s mentioned. And of course don’t forget to say thank you, even for the tiny details.


4. Pack separately

This way you have your own space for your own stuff and you don't have to worry about digging through your spouse's clothes to find your own. Again - no fuss!


5. Be patient and forgive quickly

Did one of you forget to pack something? Did someone say turn right when it was supposed to be a left?  These things happen, but if you’re patient and choose to forgive instead of holding a grudge, you’ll get to enjoy every moment of travel.


6. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

I admit it..I have a terrible sense of direction. But we’ve learned and now Michael is vigilant when it comes to getting directions for our destination. And when I get us lost - we got back to number 5!


7. Take time for conversation during the trip

It’s totally normal to relax with a book, chill out with music or just sit and watch the sunset in silence. But balance those lovely silences with some good conversation during the trip. Ask each other questions!

  • What are you looking forward to most on the trip?

  • What’s been your favorite part so far?

  • What was the worst (aka funniest) part of the trip?

It sounds cheesy quizzing each other, but it’s also fun!


Those are my 7 tips for traveling with your spouse. Use this time as an opportunity to learn more about your husband and to grow as a couple.

What have you learned from traveling with your partner? Leave a comment!


With love,