How to Edit Your Closet

So you’re ready to start your capsule wardrobe! You have defined your style, picked a color palette and you know what kind of outfits are needed for your lifestyle using my 4 Questions. Now you’re probably staring at your closet that has way more than 30 pieces!

This system worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

I sorted my clothes into three piles:

  1. Donations

  2. Storage

  3. New Capsule

Pick up each piece in your closet and go through this flow chart.

Does it fit right now?

Emphasis on right now! Do not keep anything hanging up in your closet that does not fit today. Also consider if the fit is comfortable.

Is it flattering?

Remember these are only pieces that you absolutely love, so it should flatter your figure. You’ll want to look and feel good wearing it.

Is it appropriate for the season?

Of course consider the weather, but also think about each item’s versatility. If it’s appropriate for the season hang it up with your other capsule potentials.


Does it coordinate with all of your color palette and other pieces?

This next part usually takes me a few days. Once all of the potential capsule pieces are in your closet, you can take out the ones that don’t match or that stand out. 


Now take a look at what is missing. If there are a couple of pieces you need, it’s time to make  a list and go shopping. Remember, shopping is a bit different now! You’ll be hunting down one item, so you can start at some great second hand shops! Next look at stores with quality clothing.


Once, you’ve edited your closet and filled in any gaps, you’re all done! You now have a capsule to wear for 3 months!


With Love,