6 Ways to Honor Your Husband During the Workday

Workdays can be hectic. Our schedules get busy, our email boxes fill up and to-do lists grow. So how can we stay connected with our husbands, when we spend so much of our time at work?


Here are 6 ways you can love on your husband during your workday:


1. Take seven seconds to say goodbye.

Everyone says you and your hubby should kiss before you leave for work. But a quick peck takes about .5 seconds. And to be really honest, you can do this even if you’re mad or upset with each other. So why not take a few more seconds to connect. We decided to try taking a full seven seconds to say goodbye. It’s definitely an awkward amount of time. And we love to make it more awkward by counting down and by calling it our "seven seconds in heaven!" But after a while, we found seven seconds is perfect! It’s not going to make either of you late for work, but it will slow you down so you can connect.


2. Pray for your husband during your commute.

Do you pass something everyday that reminds you of your husband? Maybe it’s a funny ad on a billboard, his favorite store, a beautiful tree. Just choose one thing and when you pass it, pray for your partner. This visual cue will help you make it a daily habit. My commute is full of rice fields and temples, but one temple stands out and makes me think of Michael. So it reminds me to pray for him everyday.


3. Speak highly of him.

How much time do your coworkers spend with your spouse? Probably not much. So every time you mention him at work, you are painting a picture of the guy you chose to spend your life with. Since you see your coworkers everyday, it may be tempting to vent about your spouse. But he’s your teammate, your partner in crime, your best friend! Don’t you want your friends to see how awesome he is?


4. Take the temperature with a quick text.

Text your husband during the day to ask how his day is going. We call it taking the temperature, because you’re getting a feel for what your partner will be like when you get home! It helps you meet each other’s needs after work. Let’s say my kiddos have been crazy all day. Michael will suggest a relaxing walk on the beach when I get home instead of planning a crazy dinner recipe. It’s the small things.


5. Don’t mention work for the first ten minutes after you get home.

You haven’t seen your man all day! This isn’t the time to go into a rant about work. This is a time to settle, relax and connect. Wait ten minutes, then you can share your stories.


6. Set up boundaries around work emails in the evening.

Turn off your phone’s email notification. Only check your email when you want to, not because your phone dinged. With notifications off, you can decide how often you want to go into work mode when you get home. Hopefully it’s none! But if you have a job that requires you to check emails, be intentional about when you go into that headspace.


These daily habits have helped us stay connected throughout the day. It’s small choices every day that make a difference in your marriage.


How do you honor your husband during the workday?


With Love,