5 Must-Haves for a Long Flight

Michael and I have lived abroad for six years and three of those years have been 10,000 miles away! To get from Bali back home to North Carolina meant 25 hours in the air! That always included two long legs anywhere from 9-15 hours each.

I actually have learned to enjoy long flights. Compared to short domestic flights, the seats are comfortable with more leg room, and they lean back further so you can stretch and get some sleep. The food is usually pretty good, and you get dinner after take-off and breakfast before landing with a snack in between. And of course the entertainment system on the chair in front of you has new movies and TV shows to keep your attention for hours!

Maintaining a positive attitude on these flights is a must, especially when we remember how blessed we are to live so far away and still come home. Before we board, Michael says it’s date night and that he’s taking me out for dinner and a movie. So when they serve dinner, we get a glass of wine and start a movie at the same time!

On our last trip, we made a list of what we like to pack for long flights. My two goals for these flights are to 1. Stay hydrated and 2. Get as much sleep as possible.


Here are my 5 must-haves for long a flight:  


1. Water Bottle

Flights can be so dehydrating and leave you feeling dry and exhausted. So I like to bring my big water bottle, fill it up in the airport before we board, and ask for refills on the flight. You can also go in the back and ask the lovely flight attendants for one of their 1.5 liter plastic bottles of water. If they can’t give those out, they can still fill up your own water bottle. I do that at last 3 times depending on how long the flight is!


2. Leggings and layers

Can we all agree to never let leggings go out of style?? I love wearing my Lululemon Wunder Unders and a comfy cotton top while traveling, and then I pack layers to keep warm. Socks are a must have for long flights and pack a warm sweater or hoodie so you can snuggle down and get some sleep.


3. Headphones

Bring your favorite headphones so you can enjoy the movies. I wear them the whole flight to cancel out sound while I try to sleep. I like to put on a kid movie to fall asleep to, so there is something nice in the background and when I randomly wake up (which I do at least 10 times) I can see how long I’ve slept. Try to sleep as much as possible, and even if you don’t feel like you can fall asleep, just lay there with your eyes closed-you’ll probably catch a few winks.


4. Moisturizers and Lip Balm

Since long flights are so dehydrating, I love putting on hand cream and my favorite face moisturizer. And of course I have to have my pawaw! In fact, on our last trip home, I forgot my lip balm and my lips cracked!


5. Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth after a good sleep on the flight is the best! I also love bringing handy wipes or face wash-anything to help you feel a bit fresher before you get off the plane. And there are plenty of bathrooms on the flight, so take your time in the bathroom to freshen up. You’ll feel so much better!


I know long flights can be daunting, but pack a few of these items and you might feel better when you get to your destination!


Okay travel friends, what are your long flight must-haves?


With Love,