6 Wardrobe Items You Should Splurge On

As you know, I absolutely love keeping a capsule wardrobe. In the three years I’ve had one, I’ve found some items stay in the capsule all year long. In fact, nine of my 25-30 items have been in my capsule all three years! Usually items rotate in and out depending on climate, but these items are so versatile, they work for every season. So one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in keeping a capsule wardrobe is when to invest in good quality, timeless pieces.

Here are the 6 timeless pieces you should splurge on:

The perfect pair of jeans

Every woman needs one perfect pair of jeans. Make sure you’re spending the extra money for the quality of the jean and not just the brand. Consider how much spandex is in the pair if you’re looking at skinny jeans- look for jeans, not jeggings that will get stretched out over time. And consider the color- if you find the perfect pair of dark wash, how long will that color last? Lastly, this item needs to be flattering! If you’re not dancing in the fitting room when you try them on, they’re not the ones! Once you find the dream pair, you can wash them less often. I’ve read you only have to wash jeans twice a year!

The basic tee

Find a t-shirt that’s white, black or gray and that fits just right. T-shirts don’t really vary in price, but buy a nice one and take care of it. Wash it inside out with a gentle detergent and hang it to dry to avoid fading and pilling. It will look fresh and the neutral color will stay in your capsule for a long time.

The denim chambray

Capsule wardrobes work best when you can layer items, and the denim chambray is very versatile. You can wear it as a shirt, wear it over a shirt, and it matches everything. Make sure you try it on before you buy and move your arms around- some denim shirts can be tight and uncomfortable in the shoulders. Take care of it the same as the basic tee.

The big cozy sweater

The styles of sweaters change (I’m flashing back to my brightly colored, striped turtle neck from middle school) but a deliciously warm sweater in a neutral color will never go out of style. Make sure the fabric is extra soft- avoid the scratchy wool. And buy one that makes you want to curl up with a warm cup of coffee, but can still be worn when you’re out and about. I never needed a sweater in Bali, but Puerto Vallarta has chilly mornings in the winter! I get to wear a sweater again!

The go-to top

Your go-to top should be a flattering cut, a nice fabric and very comfortable. But most importantly, it should be in your color. Don’t buy a trendy color that washes you out. Consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color, and if you still don’t know what your color is, hold up a few options in the mirror, and see what works best. This item can also be a fun print!

The perfect work piece

Invest in an item that you will appreciate wearing to work for a long. Of course this item depends on your job. If you’re a nurse, it might be all about the shoes. If you’re a teacher you may want the perfect shift dress or a nice pair of slacks. Have a long commute in the winter? You can spend some extra money on a good quality coat. A nice suit, a tailored pencil skirt, a great flannel, whatever your job is, you can probably think of one item that you absolutely need for years.

I’m no fashionista or full-on minimalist, but I like being intentional in my purchases and focusing on “less is more.” And remember, splurging doesn’t just mean spending more money, it can also mean more time. Take extra time checking out all the thrift stores and second-hand shops for these key pieces! It will be worth it!

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With Love,