Simple Christmas Traditions for You and Your Spouse

Celebrating Christmas as a family of two is a wonderful time to create new memories together. You’ve probably worked out the big questions-where do we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Will you see both families and when will you see them? But now you can think about what you and your spouse will do together every Christmas season!

This is our 8th Christmas together as husband and wife! Each year has looked slightly different, especially since we’ve lived in four different countries. But we LOVE this time of year! And we’ve been able to bring in traditions from his family and mine. Our main goal is to keep is simple. This time of year can get hectic, and we don’t want to lose these traditions because we were too busy to make it happen.

Before you get started: Make a list of all your childhood Christmas traditions

For starters, let’s think back to when this was the most magical time of year. Get specific on this one! Get a notebook, sit down with your honey and take a stroll down memory lane. Write down everything you can remember doing with your family before you got married. Consider all of December, not just Christmas Eve and Day.

Ready to start some of your own traditions as a family of two? Here are some ideas:

Watch your favorite Christmas movies

Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually, there are so many good ones. Choose a couple that you used to watch as kids and make a tradition. I put Elf on our movie list- it still cracks me up. Michael loves Christmas Vacation..And after a few years it’s grown on me! ; )

Start an advent calendar

It’s such a sweet time of year! It’s a lovely time to remember when we celebrate Christmas and to set intentions for the season. Here are some ideas for advent:

  • The traditional chocolate advent calendar-so yummy and so fun!

  • A Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar

  • An Advent Bible reading plan-She Reads Truth and He Read Truth has one every year.

  • A 25 day guided meditation or yoga series

  • You can put an item in a basket each day to donate on Christmas

  • Keep an advent wreath and candles.

Bake your favorite treats

This is my absolute favorite! Bake some sweet treats and some savory, and appreciate them for the days leading up to Christmas!Call your mom and your mother-in-law for these recipes y’all love, because if you google the recipe, it won’t taste just right! I love putting on the Christmas music, the fireplace on Netflix and baking some of my favorite goodies. We like to bake a few weeks ahead of time and keep the treats in cute tins.

Oh Christmas Tree

Real or fake? This can be a hot topic! As well as -When do you put up the tree? But you and your spouse will land on the right fit for both of you! You can also start an ornament tradition together. You can cut the bottom off of real trees and make it into an ornament with the date, or give each other an ornament every year. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to put up the tree but it can be such a good way to spend quality time together.

Plan out some fun date nights:

Ride around with hot chocolate to see the Christmas lights, take a photo together for a Christmas card to send to friends and family, have a wrapping party, put on tacky Christmas sweaters and go ice-skating, the list goes on and all of these could be a new Christmas traditions!

Now Consider the longevity of these lovely new traditions:

If your family grows, how can you keep or adjust your family moments for the season. If you move to a new city or new country, could you still enjoy these traditions? Again, keep it simple so that they will sustain for years to come!

Can you tell it’s one of my favorite times of year?? Yes, I typed the word Christmas exactly 21 times in this post!

What are your Christmas traditions? Leave a comment!

With Love,