2019 Printable Planner

My 2019 Printable Planner is up on Etsy!! I’m so excited!!

My goal for this planner is to offer a simple layout with a clean look and room for creativity. I also wanted to add in all the sections that I like keeping on a weekly page in my planner like the habit tracker, and appointment boxes.

Here’s an overview of how you can use this printable planner:

  1. The Calendar

    After you print, decide if you want to hang the calendar page in your house, or if you want to keep it with your other weekly planner pages. I like to have both, one calendar in my planner and one calendar hanging in the kitchen for Michael and I. There is also a section at the bottom to fill in your goals for the month. Use this section!! It will bring focus to the thirty or so days ahead!

  2. The Weekly Page

    After you print 4-5 of these pages for each week of the month, you’ll want to date them as well. I would put a little number in the corner of all my appointment boxes. Once your ready to start with this week’s page, write in all of your habits that you’re working on that week. Lastly write in all of your appointments and tasks you have for that week. This is an ongoing list.

    The “Notes” section is flexible. It can be used for meal plans, workouts, notes from meetings, recording expenses, etc. There is also an “Inspiration” section. Write in anything that inspired you this week!

  3. Future Planning

    This is where you will write all of your important dates. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and vacation days will go here so that you can refer back to it all year long.

  4. Hello 2019

    If you want to keep all of these pages together you can print them out and have them bound, add them to a binder, or keep them on a nice clipboard, and then page can be the cover. You can also hang up the hello 2019 page and future planning in your office, and then just keep one weekly page on your desk at a time, and recycle the used ones.

I hope you enjoy your planner!! And I would LOVE to see how you use it. Post a picture and use #PrintablesbyToni. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

With Love,