Why I Made a Printable Planner

I’m so excited to share my new project with you!

I’ve created a printable planner!! Yes, planner that anyone can print out at home and use it all year.

Go ahead a click through to my Etsy shop Printables by Toni, then read more about the journey!

I love planners!

I always have. Looking for the perfect planner made me so happy! And then bringing it home and writing in all the important dates was just the best. And of course not that I’m older I have a whole new appreciation for it. It keeps me organized and calm even in the busiest times.

I started bullet journaling too, which I won’t spend too much time talking about except to say, the main feedback I got from friends about bullet journaling is……Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I hear you! Our time is precious!

When we moved to Mexico, I tossed around the idea of creating a hard cover planner. But after looking into the logistics of offering a dated planner while living abroad, I gave up. Dated planners are difficult to work with because you have to know in advance how many to print. Oh and I was started a new job, learning how to live in a new country, you know, small things! Starting a full on planner business just wasn’t going to happen.

But sometimes you get an idea that fades into the background, and some ideas just stick around, those ones you have to do something about! That was this planner idea. The idea was nagging at me!

So finally I said, Okay! Let’s make this planner happen!

First, I had to figure out the easiest way I could get this planner into customer’s hands that was convenient for everyone! Solution: A printable planner. I needed to make a digital document, and put it online for customer’s to purchase.

So the first weekend in December (a little late, I know) I started a printable calendar and a week by week template for January 2019. I’m not a graphic designer, so it literally took me all weekend. But once I finished, I thought, now I just need to make 11 more!

Yes 11 more IS a lot, and it took ages, but each calendar and week-by-week got a little easier. My next step was to make a shop online, and so I started a shop on Etsy. After learning how to make a listing, and how to make graphics to show off the planner in the listing, I finally finished all 3 listings! I also added a few listings just for January. I know some people might not want to commit to the whole year and might want to just try one month!

My Etsy shop “Printables by Toni” is open and fully stocked with three styles of 2019 Printable Planners.

Next, I’ll tell you how to use this planner. And if you already have yours, post a photo and use #PrintablesbyToni. I would love to see it!

With love,