Why I Started a Blog

I want to share with you little bit about why I started it and where the name came from. I think writing this post today is just as much for me as it is for my readers!


I enjoy reading blogs. I find motivation, encouragement and great ideas from reading other women’s words. I wanted to add to the community of women learning how to be their best selves everyday. So one day Michael came home from work, and I said, “I want to start a blog!” And because he’s amazing, he told me it was a GREAT idea, and that he totally supports it.

Of course next came the doubt. I’m an expert at zero things…so what am I going to write about? What if I talk about stuff no one wants to read? What if I talk about God too much? Or I say something that offends someone? What if no one reads my blog??


But then I thought…what if one person reads it? What if one person reads a post about marriage, and gets the encouragement she needs that week to show up for her spouse? What if one girl is reminded how much she is loved by the Father and cracks her Bible open for the first time in years?


And as I reflected on that whole process (Do I start a blog? Do I not start a blog??) I realized how much I tend to over complicate things! When really the capital L- Love is so easy. And simple. My friend suggested the blog be called “Simple Love,” but it wasn’t close enough. Love is right here. It’s closer than our breath (which is great news for an asthmatic!) God who is love created and knows every cell in our body. It’s all about this love, right here, this simple love. And it’s this simple love that shapes and defines us.


The name is going to change. The categories will change. The content will shift and go in a different direction. It has to! It’s how we grow. But until then, I’m going to enjoy writing on This Simple Love about things that I enjoy writing about, and I hope you can find some encouragement in these words!

With love,


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