If You Have a Period, You Need These 3 Apps

I remember when I downloaded my first period tracker app. I thought-Whoa! This is genius! I was so impressed that I could mark what days I had your period and that it would magically predict my next one. Then I discovered that you could track symptoms! So exciting! I mean, how did we even track our periods before apps? On a calendar??

I tried a few different period tracker apps, and no, they’re not all the same! I’m sharing my favorite one, and two more apps you should download yesterday! : )

Here are 3 apps every girl with a period needs:

  1. Kindara

    There are a ton of period tracker apps out there, but I think this one is the best! You can use it two ways. One way is just as a period tracker app. Record your flow and see how long your cycles are. But I really love this app for its Fertility Awareness tools. It’s the simplest way to track your basal body temperature and cervical fluid. (If that sounds like gibberish, hop on over to Fertility Awareness 101 for more info.) You can customized your data to record and it also has a lovely community group where you can share your chart and get some advice from other women.

  2. Hormone Horoscope:

    I LOVE this app. Everyday you’ll get a little update on what to expect from your day based on what day you are on in your cycle. It’s fascinating! Each month our progesterone, estrogen and testosterone fluctuate, and all of these can affect our moods and behaviors. Gabrielle Lichterman is the brains behind myhormonology.com. She’ll give you an overview of the day based on your a regular monthly cycle. You’ll also learn little things like when you’re most likely to dress up, when you’re more on the quiet side, why you’re clumsy some days, and more creative on others. It covers topics like finances-when you’re more likely to splurge on nice items and when you’re a budget queen.

    Now, are we a slave to our hormones?? NO! But knowledge is power, and the more you understand about your cycle, the better. For example, I learned in my third week, I get really sleepy and I like staying home. Now this doesn’t mean every third week of my cycle date nights and social gatherings are cancelled! It just means I know I’ll need to make some extra effort to go out and hang with friends.

  3. The Moon

    Our cycles line up with the moon ladies! You should be getting your period on the new moon or the full moon (I’ve read both) so why not have an app that shows you exactly what phase the moon is each night? You’ll be surprised how often you check it! : )

Have you every used a period tracker app? Which one is your favorite?

With love,